Managing Pickups and Deliveries with Optimal Visibility, Speed and Precision

Our solution has implemented 3PL route optimization & delivery performance best practices with real time visibility into the status of its deliveries anywhere in the country.

Eliminating vague delivery estimates

Not only will customers benefit from this, but businesses will also have to worry less about non-deliveries and can expect fewer bad customer experiences if they can communicate across more accurate delivery times.

Creating more convenient deliveries

With 90MIS as your management software for shipments, your shippers could be in a situation where they can choose from a greater number of shipping options like weekends, evenings or even same-day deliveries, which can be customized through our Smart Adaptive Contracts.

Accurate Tracking Functionality

Businesses seeking confirmation on high value, large shipments can get shipping visibility. Combined with better traffic data that our app captures, shippers can expect minute-for-minute updates on where a package is and when it will reach them.

Delivery window notification

Understand what deliveries will be made when the packages leave the depot. 90MIS technology is allowing you to route plan the day. With this information it can be estimated when runners will be making each delivery and receiver can be alerted via text and email. Resulting in, receiver being far more likely to be in when the delivery is attempted.

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