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E -Commerce

The essence of an E-Commerce business is its convenience. Having a working shipping strategy can mean the difference between having a customer purchase your product or abandoning their shopping cart. Shipping strategies can also be utilized as marketing tools. The key to every shipping strategy is flexibility. This could mean having more than one shipping options available to your customer. You can use the strategy of mixed shipping options to best serve your customers and produce additional revenue.

An E-Commerce merchant should be successful in amalgamating the rising consumer/buyer expectations with best-of-breed shipping and fulfillment technology to create an agile, efficient, and process-automated last-mile experience.



  • Diverge Shipping Options

    Select specialised shipping partners in terms of service types, good types, location specific with a single window for all carriers on 90MIS

  • Absolute Visibility

    Leverage real time visibilty to your customers.

  • Multi-Carrier Management

    Easily Manage all your carriers on a single window.

  • Meaningful Analytics

    Take well informed decisions based on critical data analytics running across all verticals of dispatch provided by 90MIS.

  • Multiple Service Features

    90MIS allows you customize to the granular levels, enabling you to provide industry specific services of COD, Drop Shipment, Try & Buy & Reverse Logistics.

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