90 Miles Straight for Shippers

A fourth generation Real-time Visibility Solution- that collects, compiles, processes and presents shipments on a unified single window platform.

90 Miles Straight works on the principle of “Visibility across the life cycle of all your shipments”!

Be it any mode, for any load, our system presents to the shippers all shipment information in a Unified Language. Whether you are working with few or with multiple carriers, for you- the processes, notification, alerts and reports - all come in the same format to help you analyse and take strategic decisions.

We ensure that there is visibility and interaction across supply chain functions and it is No More Working in Silos. From your purchase or sales orders,to invoicing, upto to its despatch- the entire cyclic process is digitized and connected via our platform. so that you have a complete trail of your order processing,, providing you not only valuable logistics KPIs, but also, many crucial business and sales insights, through our comprehensive analytics reports.

Visibility that starts before and extends beyond Shipping!!


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