Truck Load / Less Than Truck Load

From procurement to settlement, have a control over all operations

Right from bidding freight quotes to managing your wait time charges, we provide you a complete hold over your business. We look after all the aspects right from contract creation to billing management so that you focus more on what you are good at.


Data based automation, especially automated load building and optimizing the inbound and outbound movement of cargo.

Execution of New Models

Effective real-time fleet management solution facilitates like “uberization” of trucks and other vehicles, where empty containers may be utilized immediately by matching it to the nearest load.

Data Analytics

Apply the wealth of data related to the movement of your goods and trucks to identify patterns related to customer trends, identify what works well, unearth market insights, and gain competitive advantage.

Perfect Visibility

The tracking sophistication of LTL has a reputation for being a step behind full truckload, with updates being few and far between. Take a leap in technology with 90MIS and leverage the resulting absolute visibility & tracebility of your consignment.

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